The History and Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

The History and Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

History of Vaginal Steaming

Yoni steaming is a powerful ancient self-care practice used by women worldwide to support deep wellness, women's wisdom, herbal medicine, and feminine power. 
It is a practice that involves sitting over a pot of steaming water infused with herbs to promote healing and relaxation of the vaginal area. Yoni steams, also referred to as V steams, vaginal steams, pelvic steams, chai-yok, or bajo's. It is a part of ancient womanly healing arts that is once again gaining popularity in modern times.

Yoni steams are part of the Maya healing lineage and used mainly to cleanse the uterus when there are menstrual difficulties, after birth, and with menopause to completely clean the womb when finished bleeding. They are popular in Central America, India, eastern Europe, and in Korea, where women commonly incorporate them as part of their self-care routines.

Benefits of yoni steams

There are many possible benefits to yoni steams.

  • Regulate irregular menstrual cycles, reduce painful periods, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation
  • Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset of menses
  • May promote fertility
  • Postpartum recovery by aiding in the repair of vaginal tears, episiotomy, or C-section scars
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Heal from emotional or sexual trauma
  • Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts PCOS, uterine weakness and prolapse, & endometriosis.
  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids
  • Relieve chronic yeast infections and UTI's
  • Ease menopausal symptoms including dryness or pain during intercourse
  • Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body
  • Release stored emotions
  • Stronger & more frequent orgasms 
  • Tap into our creative potential, art, projects, service and soul work
  • Increase libido & reignite sensual passion 
  • Deepen connection to your feminine essence 
  • An act of self-love and self-care

When to avoid steaming?

There are reasons and seasons of our lives that we should not do the steam. Please do NOT do a yoni steam if you are:

  • Don't steam during ovulation if you are trying to conceive
  • Pregnant or if you think you may be pregnant
  • If you have an Intrauterine Device (IUD) (some say you can for only 5-10 minutes
  • Have an active internal infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation) with a fever
  • Have any open herpes sores or blisters present- Soak infected area AFTER the blisters have burst, until the infected area has healed
  • Menstruating

Yoni steaming is a self-care practice that provides women with the opportunity to pay homage to their reproductive system, ng can help connect with the strength of one's female ancestral lineage. However, some individuals may find that practices like steaming can provide a sense of connection to their heritage and cultural traditions, heal collective female trauma and revitalize their life force energy.

When a woman steams her yoni, she is able to facilitate the release of old energy and welcoming new energy and vitality. May this centuries-old herbal practice help to bring health, mindfulness, empowerment, self-love and sacredness (sadhana) into the lives of all women everywhere and a loving peace into their hearts.  

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