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Anxiety & Panic Release

Anxiety & Panic Release

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The Anxiety & Panic Release formula is a formulated blend of herbs and minerals. It works to alleviate those suffering from acute anxiety, panic attacks and stress. In clinical trials, Anxiety Detox Cleanse was shown to reduce anxiety episodes by an average of 58% within just one month.

5 Day Anxiety & Panic Release is a cleanse that allows the mind and body to become balanced and centered while nourishing the central nervous system, and detoxing the entire body.


- 5 day cleanse schedule, plan, recipes, meditations, and yoga

- Wild Roots & Berries designed to cleanse and purify the blood while adding minerals to the body.

- Empress Cleanse designed to cleanse the digestive system

- Mood poshun designed to calm and nourish the central nervous system

Herbs include sarsaparilla, burdock, elderberry, rose hip, dandelion, milk thistle, senna, lotus leaf, fennel, valerian, damiana, sea moss

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