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Fibroid | PCOS Juice Formula

Fibroid | PCOS Juice Formula

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Fibroid Juice

It's back!

Our fibroid juice formula includes burdock, red raspberry, nopal, goji berry, ashwaganha, pau d'arco, graviola and a proprietary blend

The Fibroid Elimination Combo
- Fibroid | PCOS Juice
- Self Care e-Guide to a Balanced Lotus - Mastering Fibroid Forever
- Love my Yoni Vaginal Steam
This combo is effective for Fibroid and PCOS:
Relaxes Womb
Helps to Shrinks Fibroid
Restores Hormonal Balance
Ease Heavy Menstrual Cycle
Relieves Pain & Inflammation
Full Reproductive Health
*We strongly encourage the entire combo to support the process of shrinking foreign matter* 
Preparation Instructions: In a pot add 1 cup of herb blend to 3 cups of water, cover preparation with lid. Bring the preparation to a low boil for 3 minutes, reduce heat to a low simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and allow preparation to steep for 30 minutes. strain and drink 1/3 cup each day on an empty stomach followed by 16 oz of water. Store herbs in refrigerator. Herbs are good for 2-3 uses and should be discarded after use.
Self Care e-Guide to a Balanced Lotus - Mastering Fibroid Forever:
Recipes for optimal health while eliminating foreign matters from our sacred wombs. More regimens to incorporate in shrinking fibroids and relieving discomforts. 
The raw reality of healing from foreign matters.
Complete essential self-love tips for healthy mind and body!
Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women
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