Ultimate Fibroid Tea & Combo

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The Ultimate Fibroid Elimination Combo
- Fibroid Tea
- Self Care e-Guide to a Balanced Lotus - Mastering Fibroid Forever
- Love my Yoni  V'Steam Herb Blend 
This combo is effective for Fibroid, Cysts, and PCOS:
Relaxes Womb
Shrinks Fibroid
Restores Hormonal Balance
Ease Heavy Menstrual Cycle
Relieves Pain & Inflammation
Full Reproductive Health
Fibroid Tea: 7 herbs tea for fibroid, cyst, pcos management and elimination while clearing and restoring the uterus to it's rightful health.
Fibroid V'Steam: 7 herb blend designed to shrink fibroid, alleviate pain, minimize flow and nourish uterus.
Self Care e-Guide to a Balanced Lotus - Mastering Fibroid Forever:
Recipes for optimal health while eliminating foreign matters from our sacred wombs (i.e, fibroid, cysts, pcos...)
The raw reality of healing from foreign matters (i.e. fibroid, cysts, pcos..)
Complete essential self-love tips for healthy mind and body to master self-care!
Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women