Olive Leaf Extract

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Olive Leaf Beverage

Olive Leaf Extract (8 oz)

Olive Leaf Extract High Potency with Proven Benefits

Known as "the miracle plant" help protect and replenish organs and blood; wholistice (whole body) mind and body wellness herb.

Organic Olive Leaves , Distilled Water, Less than 2% Organic Alcohol 

U.S. National Institute of Health Studies Olive Leaf Extracts Benefits For:
High Blood Pressure  |  High Blood Sugar  |  Kidney Failure  |  Viruses, Bacteria, Candida Yeast  | Tumors | Auto-Immune Disorders  |  Low Energy  Parasites and Worms  |  Inflammation  |  Herpes  |  Skin Conditions  |  Fibroid |  Sleep Disorders |  Asthma  |  Constipation  |  Sexual Strength  Parkinson's  |  Seizures | Anaphylaxis (Emergency Allergic Reactions)  |  and more....

Consider consuming earth foods and drinking lots of water for optimal health.