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Sacred Lotus 5 Day Cleanse

Sacred Lotus 5 Day Cleanse

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Sacred Lotus Cleanse

Sacred Vaginal Cleanse is a 5 day cleanse plan designed to release toxins, restore pH balance, expel unwanted energies, reset vaginal flora, reduce inflammation, purify and circulate the blood. 

Included: 5 Day Cleanse Plan (day-by-day plan including recipes, womb yoga, breathing mediation, and sacred lotus wellness practices for healthy womb), Wild Roots & Berries (full body detoxification and restoration, Pum Pum Balance (vaginal wellness toning, balancing, and cleansing)

If you have fibroid or PCOS this is a great way to jump start your journey to shrinking the overgrowth of tissue. We suggest selecting the option with the fibroid juice to replace the Pum Pum Balance capsules.

Includes in this cleanse package include: Burdock, red raspberry, dandelion root, damiana, ashwagandha, rose hip, elderberry, milk thistle, black cohosh, motherwort, pau d'arco, goji berries, sea moss

Vegetable capsules (Pum Pum Balance)

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