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Shuya Negative Ion Pads

Active Oxygen & Negative Ion & Far - IR

Active oxygen, anion and Far-IR were organically combined together, which can effectively develop the circulation function, activate the skin cells, support the blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. Active oxygen can effectively enhance air permeability of the sanitary napkin, fast air circulation between the private part and outside area, increase oxygen circulation frequency, brightly reduce harmful bacteria, maintain woman’s self-cleaning and immunity capacity, so every women can enjoy a healthy, hygiene and comfortable sensation. 

Anion - Negative ion

Anion is believed to be a natural relief fact against environmental and biological pollutants. Nick named as “vitamins of the air.” When the content of negative ion in the air up to 5000/CM3, it can enhance immunity and anti-bacterial capability, relieve tension, reduce irritation, remove unpleasant odors, eliminate the effect of fatigue, improve endocrine and enhance metabolism, so every women can enjoy a healthy, hygiene and comfortable sensation. SHUYAgreen anion strip which can be seen in this sanitary napkin contains 6100 anions/cubic cm.

Active Oxygen 
Active Oxygen is taken from nature, in a certain concentration it can be converted into oxygen, no residue, will not from a secondary pollution, it to be known as the cleanest-oxidants and disinfectants.
Active Oxygen with strong oxidation, it can be completely destroyed in the physiological function of the bacterial virus; the virus can prevent the abnormal growth and making you feeling natural and fresh. Active Oxygen chip through a large number of water molecules role in the release of Oxygen gas molecules so that bacteria and viruses combined with Oxygen will change molecular structure of energy transfer, prompt resumption of clean, refreshing physical environment, to achieve personal health menstrual Care, and effective use of anti-bacteria.

Far Infrared
Far infrared ray as an essential element for living beings, far infrared ray in sunlight is called "light wave of life". It is similar with  the far infrared ray from human body. It can produce the most efficient "resonance" with cells in living beings. Having good penetration performance, it can effectively promote growth of animals and plants. SHUYA compound anion strip can absorb heat of body and outside air and convert into far-infrared, radiate to human body, improve micro circulation, repair damage, activation cells.

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